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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

DAY 1: 20th September, 2019

Much excited, it was the day to start my solo travel to Thailand. As I was waiting at the airport to board the plane after my security check, I happened to click some snaps and post it on my social media as someone suggested it will help to keep track of me in case I got lost on the way.

I don't blame myself for this act as people around me were being so skeptical after getting the news that I have decided to travel solo.

They were even trying to give me their ready-made opinions and were trying to scare me off by telling me what all wrong can go with me rather than encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

Anyways I found that one person who supported, believed in me and encouraged me to travel solo and I decided to do it. That was the best decision I ever made in my life.

DAY 2: 21st September, 2019

As I reached the Bangkok airport, I found two Indian gentlemen who were my flight mates and who helped me to complete my other visa formalities. I had to fill and submit the visa form along with the supporting documents while they were the only Indians standing with me in a queue full of Chinese crowd.

As I completed my formalities and got my visa on arrival, I bid goodbye to them at the airport and got my taxi to Pattaya. I was extremely tired that I almost slept off in my whole one hour journey from Bangkok to Pattaya. As I opened my eyes, I realized it was bit drizzling and we were on Pattaya beach road. I could hear the soothing sound of sea waves. The cab driver took a turn and stopped the cab near a seven eleven.

I dialed up Mr. Ape House's contact from his phone as my phone was not operable because of some issues and Mr. Ape House guided the way to the driver. As I reached to the directed place Aeras Condominium, Mr. Ape House was standing down in the cab area waiting for me. The cab dropped me there and went. Mr. Ape House was being such a good host, he took care of me because he wanted to prove me that people all around the world are good and I can travel alone without fearing anything.

He had jotted down few places to go out for the day. The list includes:

The Floating Market

The Bingsu House - In his terms it is called as The Shaved Ice, this was our lunch

The Big Buddha Temple

The Pattaya Sign View Point

The Pattaya Street Market - where we had our dinner (Chicken fried rice, Bamboo Noodles, Fried Chicken Pieces and Half Boiled)

We finished our dinner for the day and roamed around the street market.

DAY 3: 22nd September, 2019

We had sliced Mangoes for our breakfast. After finishing our breakfast we left for an Architectural Museum called "The Sanctuary of Truth". The fun fact about the museum was that it was a temple that is always under construction so we were given construction caps to wear before entering its premises. It also has a small factory near it where the workers keep working to prepare beautiful architecture for the temple throughout.

After roaming around the temple we went to a DMart, had a few soft drinks and then left for a place which is a local resident area. We walked around the place and took few snaps and left from there. On the way we picked up food for lunch. After we finished our lunch, I had to bid goodbye to Mr. Ape House as I had to catch a flight.

I returned back to India, with a lot of memories of the trip. They say some trips change you, they leave a mark on your consciousness, on your memory and on your soul. This trip was such a kind of trip. It taught me a lot of things that made me aware about myself, of what I really wanted to do in my life.

A very important life lesson:

Who are you? Are you you ? You are you. There is no one like you. - The Asian Muse

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