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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Can a person travel the world without money?

Is it possible to get free ride, stay and food on the go?

Well, this is a story of a person known as Rajat Shukla who travelled and explored Nepal, 28 states and 6 Union Territories of India in a 405 days of journey without money. He travelled all over India by making friendships, working for people for food & stay on the way. He got to know about a lot of cultures in different geographies & tribes. His entire journey aimed at bringing peace within. He went to see the world to find the inner him.

When he came back to Mumbai after his journey, he stayed in the Jungle for one month & then he was finally ready for social service. Currently he is teaching philosophy to under-privileged kids & doing lots of free webinars & workshops to educate people on how travel is possible not only for rich & privileged but also for people with or without money.

  1. Life is short & this world is very big & beautiful so don’t wait & start travelling.

  2. Our limitation is our own created imagination, our human body is far more capable of doing things than we actually make use of.

  3. The adventurer is within us. Try to explore it.

Originally born in Ayodhya in a traditional family which taught him about many great things in life and how one must lead it. He was later raised in a fast paced city called Mumbai to participate in the race of competitions. He however kept the balance of both and worked as a journalist for quite sometime. He felt that his energy was too high to be just interviewing celebrities and started to find time to spend in cycling, running, swimming and trekking in Maharashtra for over 7-8 months. He wanted to know about himself and his existence on this planet.

He once wanted to hitchhike to trek towards Kalsubai peak, but the truck driver told him that he is going to Kolkata and asked him to join. He wasn't prepared at all but saw it as an opportunity. The truck driver not just took him 2100kms away, but also fed him from time to time and in return he worked as a Khalasi (Helper of the truck). From there he went to Nepal and came back with a vision to explore every culture of India.

He has been a minimalist and an alpinist and has all his gears sponsored (not out of some mercy , but as a support seeing his dedication towards the travelling and leading a life of his dreams).

To walk for miles need no money but courage, dedication and endurance. To take lifts from people who are going with a vacant seat is no harm, it won't cost them even a penny extra. People are happy sharing love.

To sleep anywhere on the mother earth with own bedding is no disturbance for anybody. Nobody would just host him before knowing that they would get something in return. Money is just a tool, not the only tool. Apps like couch surfing are of a great help for him and people in return get to know the valuable information about the places and adventures in return for the stay and food they provide him. He helps them with every small and big work in their house to make his presence meaningful. He gets hosts through his own social networks too. He has also volunteered to understand this beautiful life of so much possibilities. He sees this world as a family and the world too love him likewise.

People while they witness him walking , out of curiosity wants to know about him, his journey, his motivation. As a gesture of hospitality they offer him tea, breakfast and even meals sometimes with deep love and support in their hearts.

Everybody works to earn, some earn money, some earn experiences. He has taken up the courage to sacrifice many things in life for this travel with a much greater cause that people might take a lifetime to understand. He has bought very less things for himself, because he believes , the more things you own, those things end up owning you. His consumption is so less, that he can earn them while working a day and move ahead in life and his journey towards exploring the world.

We were born with nothing, will die with nothing. So he believes, we are sent on this earth on a tourist visa and not some work visa that we are earning the whole week and barely leading lives

even on the weekends as we need rest. UNDERSTAND LIFE.

Mankind is a poised midway between the Gods and the Beasts. Do what makes your soul happy, that would keep you close to God. You are here on this earth to be with God and to win souls for God. Don't let the devil take you. You get to see a totally different dimension of life once you start living it the way it is supposed to be lived, the way you want it to be. One should get out of their city or village because we are very comfortable & safe and are around familiar faces but when you travel you become a total stranger to the place where you are & that's where you get to know about yourself and who you are.

He is always ready to encourage new travellers to fulfill their travel dreams. So you can always reach out to him on his Instagram: rajatshukla

There is no room for anything but only love in the world. Be curious, be creative, be you.

Who are you? Are you you? You are you. There is no one like you.

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