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New Beginnings, New Ideas, New Mindset, New Focus, New Energy

"Where you moving?", They asked.

I said, "Onto Better Things!!"

Day 1: 29th December,2018

As the new year count down begins, we started with a journey to fill our lives with a whole bunch of fresh experiences.

Your first experience is a bit overwhelming because you think, what I have got myself into? Various conditions altogether and there are challenges every time.

My first official New Year 2019 - 3 days 2 Nights Beach Trek organized by Trekpool, India from Bangalore to Gokarna, a town on the Arabian Sea, a popular pilgrimage destination well known for its beaches, in the south western Indian State of Karnataka, started as we boarded the bus along with many strangers from Bangalore at around 7:30 pm.

There were quite a lot of new faces in our group and our trek leads were quite helpful, friendly and supportive in making the entire group comfortable.

Everyone introduced themselves by acting their names in Dumb Charades style, telling a few words about them and the entire environment turned out to be fantastic as the whole crowd danced together like crazy through out the journey.

Day 2: 30th December,2018

Around morning 6:00 am we managed to reach our camp site and kept our luggage in the common luggage room, got freshened up, hogged breakfast, registered for our private tents etc.

It was around 10:30 am we started our first day activities which included trekking along various beaches in Gokarna.

Everyone boarded the bus and we were provided with few refreshments to be carried during the trek.

Whole day we trekked along different beaches like Belakan beach, Paradise beach, Half Moon beach, Om beach, Gokarna beach, Kudle beach etc. We boated and trekked along to reach from one beach to another. Our first trek was not going to be anymore easier as we preferred to follow more challenging routes crossing many hurdles rather than the regular routes to reach our destination which made it a lifetime experience for all of us.

Our trek leads were always there to encourage/support us throughout the trek making sure all the folks are together and safe. The beaches were crowded and folks were enjoying sun bath, water sports, beach games etc.

We came across a few hippies playing Djembe, a goblet drum played with bare hands, on the beach side making the atmosphere a lot more musical. At around 3:30 pm we had our lunch at Om Beach, sighted the beauty of sunset at Kudle beach and then continued with the beach trek.

Night 8:30 pm we headed back to our camp site, had our dinner, played UNO near our tent stay and then everyone moved to the private beach for camp fire. We sat together as a family, played music and danced along the beats far away from all worries celebrating our lives.

Day 3: 31st December,2018

Last day of 2018 was very well spent on the private beach at our campsite. Morning 9:00 am everybody came out of their tents, got freshen up, had breakfast and went onto the beach. We gave lot of good poses and clicked a bunch of snaps along the beach side.

Later on we started with few beach games like STOP, Cricket, Water Balloons, Flying Discs, Kabbadi, Lagori, Beach Volleyball, Throw ball and other water games.

Moreover, apart from this my best friend taught me to sleep on water by stretching myself horizontally and keeping my body at the surface level so that my whole body except my face will be inside water floating along with the waves.(Floating Savasana)

My mind was totally peaceful after practicing this wonderful and soothing aqua-sleeping technique.

Later in the evening there were few competitions organized like Musical Chairs, few couple games, beach volleyball tournament, fashion show in which many folks participated and enjoyed their evening.

After the Karavali style dinner we had the DJ Night where people boozed and rocked the stage till 12:00 am.

At sharp 12:00 am there was cake cutting and fireworks post which everyone moved to the beach.

The beach was beautifully decorated with lights and all the folks gathered together for the lantern festival. The sky was glowing with lot of fireworks and flying lanterns and it was an amazing scene at the beach side.

Once the lantern festival completed we all stayed at the beach side for campfire. Our entire group was divided into two teams and we played Antakshari and enjoyed the rest of our time.

At around 2:00 am everyone moved to their respective tents, chit-chatted for few hours and then slept off.

Day 4: 1st January,2019

Our last day of the beach trek, the beauty of this trek was from being strangers we all turned out to be very good friends and enjoyed our New Years Eve together as being a part of the Trekpool Family. We spent most of our time together playing, chit-chatting and enjoying on beaches which made it the best new year eve of our lives.

After spending few hours on the beach, everyone packed their bags and was ready to head back to Bangalore.

We boarded our bus at around 12:00 pm and traveled together one last time enjoying / singing / dancing / playing / creating memories through out the journey.

For more details about gokarna trek by Trekpool India, here is the link:

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